Brazen Self-Promotion

Nothing tennis related today, although this isn’t because Indian Wells hasn’t thrown up plenty to talk about (‘throwing up’ being the theme of the week): Matthew Ebden, Nadal and Marc Lopez, a manicure-ruining doubles win for the Bryans, and of course Mardy Fish. Serena Williams will never play Indian Wells, but she was there in spirit today as Fish expertly transfigured an inconsequential infringement into a bombastic epic of boorish self-entitlement. It was ugly, and not just on the inside. Roddick later had a go as well.

Instead I’d like to announce – belatedly – that my first novel was released as an eBook a little while ago. The Con is available from Amazon, Readings and probably plenty of other places that sell these kind of things. It’s also on iTunes. Personally, I recommend you buy it wherever it’s cheapest. There are blurbs on all the sites about it, none of which were written by me, and most of which deftly give away large parts of the plot, yet somehow evoke none of what the book is actually about.

But I do recommend you buy it, especially if you have any interest in two or more of the following things: books, reading, sex, classical music, swearing, meditations on the essence and pitfalls of creativity, laughter, Beethoven, occasional untranslated Italian words, encouraging me to write more books, freedom. For those who are interested in such things, it did well in some competitions, and was very well reviewed.

Thank you very much.


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