The Next Point

The Next Point is a site devoted entirely to in-depth analysis of men’s tennis. I’d tell you to think of it as a men’s tennis blog, but, realistically, the trick will be to get you to think of it as anything else.

What it certainly isn’t is a comprehensive tennis news site. If you want to know the latest rankings, or some retired great’s opinion on Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer, there are plenty of sites you can go to. I also generally won’t bother analysing draws as they appear, and extrapolating predictions from them. This isn’t rocket surgery, and it is presumed that the kind of person who finds this site valuable is capable of making up his or her own mind. That being said, if there is something interesting to be gleaned from doing so, I might indulge myself.

The Next Point will be updated approximately three times per week, and slightly more frequently during Grand Slam tournaments, or as the mood takes me.

The title comes from a quote by the great Rod Laver: “The next point – that’s all you must think about.” Growing up in Queensland, Australia, not far from the Rockhampton Rocket’s birthplace, Laver’s name was spoken with hushed reverence in our household.

Please enjoy your stay.